Everything You Need In One Floor Box

We make floor boxes that leave a lasting impression within your infrastructure.

The FL-400 is everything you need in just one floor box. We know a thing or two about flooring and have been the leader in floor box solutions for over 30+ years. Innovative design, quality, durability, and longevity have all been the cornerstone of FSR floor boxes.

When you’re thinking connectivity in your floors, you should be thinking about a floor box that can stand the test of time. The FL-400 challenges the concept that you need a specific floor box for a certain floor type. With the FL-400 you get one premium floor box that can be installed in wood, concrete or raised
access flooring.

The FL-400 includes all the necessary internal plates and brackets to make pre- and post pour compartment changes quick and easy. Using this system, both high and low voltage configurations, along with compartment
isolation, can be implemented “on the fly”. This makes just about any cabling/connector scenario possible.